Friday, October 12, 2007

“I Have an Evil Child at My House”: Stigma and HIV/AIDS Management in a South African Community

Authors: Catherine Campbell, Carol Ann Foulis, Sbongile Maimane, and Zweni Sibiya
Am J Public Health. 2005 May; 95(5): 808–815. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2003.037499.
PMCID: 1449259

Description: In this paper, the authors examine the social roots of stigma by means of a case study of HIV/AIDS management among young people in a South African community (drawing from interviews, focus groups, and fieldworker diaries). We highlight the web of representations that sustain stigma, the economic and political contexts within which these representations are constructed, and the way in which they flourish in the institutional contexts of HIV/AIDS interventions.
Stigma serves as an effective form of “social psychological policing” by punishing
those who have breached unequal power relations of gender, generation,
and ethnicity. We outline an agenda for participatory programs that promote critical
thinking about stigma’s social roots to stand alongside education and, where
possible, legislation as an integral part of antistigma efforts. Fulltext

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