Friday, October 12, 2007

Information preferences and practices among people living with HIV/AIDS:results from a nationwide survey.

Authors:Hogan TP, Palmer CL.
J Med Libr Assoc. 2005 Oct; 93(4): 431-439.
PMCID: 1250318

Description: Managing information is an important part of coping with illness and includes communicative and cognitive activities like seeking, avoiding, providing, appraising, and interpreting information [1]. It is complex in that people’s information behaviors and needs vary over the course of their illnesses and along with the availability and quality of information. In recent years, considerable research has been done on how people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) manage information. However, understanding of the role of information in the HIV/AIDS community is still limited because of the difficulties of reaching different groups of PLWHA.
This study has been designed to reach many segments of the diverse HIV/AIDS community and broaden understanding of how information can better assist PLWHA. The authors begin by outlining HIV/
AIDS epidemiological trends in the United States and characterizing HIV/AIDS information (hereafter referred to as HIV information) and the information needs and behaviors of PLWHA as reported in the scholarly literature. Fulltext

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